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Re: Skelital Chassis Full size

PostPosted: Sun May 17, 2009 8:28 pm
by Justin
Im affraid its not going to be easy anywhere you go or look. Intrest in such fully functioning Mech style robotic's is spendy and no real large company is intrested in a giant robot which costs millions but cany only move 5 miles an hour cause any basic weapon would kill it. aka a missle,, it would have to be on part with like a modern tank.. speed wise which is difficult in the exstreme at best, i dunno for sure. The link i sent you for the site there keeping all there work vary vary hush hush but there building a Bi pedle 24 foot tall design its a neat idea but alittle goofy looking. though I really hope they sucseed as it would be the first of tis kind.

I like your Spider Designs,, though I would be intrested to see something based off a Scorpion