My first QuadCopter

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My first QuadCopter

Postby Matt Denton » Wed Aug 01, 2012 9:15 am

Ok, so it's not strictly a robot, but I have plans to add some robot like features... :)

I've been looking at multi rotor copters for some time now but have not quite felt I had enough reason to take on another hobby, that was until I spotted a relatively simple beginners kit with a GoPro Hero mounted to it! I have always been fascinated aerial photography, and since I already owned a Hero2, it seemed rude not to buy a QuadCopter...

I purchased the DJI F450 kit, with their NAZA controller with GPS as this seemed to be getting good reviews. It has not disappointed! After building the kit ans spending 30 to 40 mins setting up the radio and configuration, I was up and flying in no time.

These videos were taken after 20 minutes of practise. Bare in mind that I have not flown anything before, so they are fairly boring, but great fun stable kit to learn with and the aerial video from the Hero2 makes a gave me great post-flight satisfaction :)

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Re: My first QuadCopter

Postby pem » Wed Aug 01, 2012 1:55 pm

Great stuff, looking forward to hear about your enhancements.

I must admit, that my Blade mSR to a certain extent has distracted me from my MSR-H01 hexapod.
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