Calling all hexapod experts for help.

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Calling all hexapod experts for help.

Postby silas101 » Wed Jun 01, 2011 7:57 pm

I've posted this on both the hexapodrobot forum and lynxmotion as i'm quite desperate.
Basically i'm building an hexapod as a side project to teach myself ik and some control as part of my robotics degree.

Lucky for me i only bought enough parts for 1 leg, since i can't even get that to work.

Hopefully with your help i'll be a ble to.
I'm using arduino for the ik calculation and a pololu servo controller for the servos.

Please help, there is something wrong with the maths and i just wanna see the robot come to life.
Thank you.

The details: i want the end of the arrow labelled 160mm to be the centre of the body, as in 0,0,0.

The formula i've been able to research online and seem to be able to work but doesn't quite work.

Part of my code
fan is femur angle
tian is tibia
coxan is coxa

Thanks again in advance.
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