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Controlling servo speed

Postby Power_user_EX » Thu Jun 09, 2011 6:27 am

hi ,
i m working on a hexapod. I am trying to control speed of multiple servos in various gait. Given the "set" of starting angles (using IK) for each joint and the "set" final angles - how do i control the speed of servos so that they reach the final position at the same time. I have tried linear interpolation using 20ms-30ms delay between each increments, but in some cases where the "difference between the increments of servos" is high i get jerky movement.
1)So how do I calculate the delay between increments for each servo for each servo so that the movement is smooth?
2)I m trying to move the servos as slow as possible to avoid jerks specially using tripod gait and so i need a little help here too .
3)Also Using linear interpolation how do i calculate the increments in real time without floating point operation?
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