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Postby Duhjoker » Sat Aug 01, 2015 7:01 am

I started building a Hexapod using MG90s digital servos about three months ago now. The actual bot has been built for a month. But I'm having trouble programming it. The first thing is I don't Understand how to do the IK problems. The rest of it is actual programmng.

The board I'm using is a Torobot 32channel servo controller that can accept almost all types of code but to make things easier for me using their software it would be better to program one action group at a time so I can use it with the PS2 handle.

Now I have an idea about how to do the IK. Vanadium labs came out with a program called PyPose and NUKE editor. All you do is start a project and tell it the amount of servos your using. Then you can go to NUKE editor and type in your IK measurements and then capture the limits and the neutral then sign test. After answering a few questions it allows you to export a C++ file that has the gaits in it.

I won't be able to answer the questions because I would need the Arbotix m and I was told it was incompatible with my srvos. But I'm thinking I can go in the export files and change what needs to be changed then try to take each gait out and download it to my board.

To be honest I don't really care how I do it, I just want it to walk.

Is there any way I could get some help here.
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