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Postby blegas78 » Thu Aug 27, 2009 3:43 pm

Too bad about the BS2! I am looking forward to this, I have always enjoyed little robots competing, especially if they are autonomous.

I understand your feeling about lynxmotion parts too. They are handy at times, but I certainly prefer full custom jobs as opposed to erector sets. ;)
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Re: MSR Predator

Postby wattsie » Tue Sep 01, 2009 11:25 am

Prey update.....

The new bits have arrived, and despite spending most of the bank holiday getting soaked in the rain in chester zoo, I have put together a working prototype of the prey, its pretty similar to the original one, but its got a bit smarter now, the code stops it getting stuck in corners when its driving around on its own, and it knows when to die! I still havent put any rear sensors on it, as I am debating if they are really neccessary! The little tower on the top of the robot holds a IR sensor which is connected to an input of the BS2. Whilst the prey is moving around (and now not getting stuck in corners) I can point an IR emitter at it to represent a shot from the Predator, the Prey will shake and light an LED to represent a hit, 3 hits and the program comes to a stop as the Prey is 'dead'

The only part now required is the pololu IR becon, which thankfully wont interfere with the IR shots, this will be ordered very soon and will be mounted on the tower on top of the prey.

At this stage I think its going to be ok to leave the Prey in the state its in now, the refining can be done at a later date now the principle is sorted, I eventaully want to use a custom chassis and not the BOEBot.

Im debating about having the gun back-pack removed and putting this into the head, with the future provision for a camera, as the back-pack doesnt really offer any advantages, and if its going to be a using a camera view, its pretty pointless having a gun thats 20cm higher than the camer and can spin round as you wont be able to see what your shooting at!

Pictures to follow when I get home tonight..... And maybe some progress on the Predator as I have the evening to myself tonight!

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Re: MSR Predator

Postby wattsie » Tue Nov 03, 2009 12:15 pm

Funny how time flies... not had much chance to touch my hex for a good while it seems, too much decorating and work getting in the way!

I have however been playing round with the infra red system to make it work properly, and keep stumbling upon the same problem, infra red interference. I seem to have it everywhere in the house! I have been toying with the idea of using a laser as the 'weapon' rather than infra red, this could be much better aimed and directed, but I have yet to find any laser detectors!

Anyone got any ideas where I could find one?

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