msr-h01 servo question

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msr-h01 servo question

Postby badger1666 » Sun Oct 04, 2009 4:51 pm

just have a quick question regarding servos for the msr-h01
as i am on a tight budget and already wasted money on usless ebay tower pro servos
(the cases started to crack every where) i am looking for a cheaper alternative to hitecs
has anyone tried building there hex with Multiplex Tiger KARBONITE that are for sale in matts store
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Re: msr-h01 servo question

Postby Matt Denton » Mon Oct 05, 2009 9:19 am

Hi Chris,

I have not tried the Tiger Karbonite's on the kit, but generally they are very good servos! The fitting dimensions look virtually identical to that of the 645/475 hi-tech servos, the splines are identical, but they do not come with the correct round 24mm servo horn, which you would need to source else where.

I have built a MSR-H01 using HS-475HB servos for the tibia joint, this does produce a slightly wobblier hexapod under load, but will work reasonably well. I can source the 475HBs if required, but don't hold a large stock. The Tigers are slightly more powerful than the 475HB, so may be ok for the Femur joint.

Also I currently only have 8 Tiger Karbonites in stock, and once there gone there gone.
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