Matlab simulation of six legged robot

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Matlab simulation of six legged robot

Postby Walter_hexa » Fri May 20, 2011 4:34 pm


I am an electro-mechanical engineering student at UCT in South Africa... Im doing my thesis topic on simulation of walking pattern of a six legged robot...the robot is very similar to one of the hexabots that I saw on youtube that a Carnige Mellon University student posted...I would like to know if there is any particular reading(s) that you would recommend that could help me develop this simulation or learn about simulation of six legged robots in general...Im actually quite a newbie but I really want to work hard on this project so if you know of any particular reading that would help me and that has useful information on simulation and walking patterns it would be cool...The robot has six legs and it has three actuators per leg...Thanks in advance...
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